Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh Yeah.. In My Down Time Which Is (NEVER) I moonlight as a rad Latina Party Mom specializing in spreading cool ideas & happiness! Just Call Me MAMA FIESTA!


I gotta rep the Latino's too party people! I can tell you first hand, nobody parties harder then a bunch of Latinos pumped on Tequila while being serenaded by a fabulous Mariachi!

Arrrrribbba Amigos! XoXo, MF

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summertime means white parties! White Candy Stations & Dessert Bars. Chic & Sleek Summertime Sweets

XIV Summer Sessions! Candyland In Hollywood! The Craziest Sunday Afternoon In All Of LaLa Land!!!

OMG!!! You know those parties your parents hope you never go to when you're in College??? Well, THIS was probably one of those crazy, off the chain summer bash's! SBE the kings of entertainment held Summer Sessions Candyland at XIV's  The Colony in Hollywood! There really isn't too much to share, it was simply CANDY INSANITY!!! Our Lips Are Sealed!
 XoXo, Candy Girls

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