Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seriously! How Do You Start Your Business From A Garage & End Up Here!!! AMAZING

I can't really explain the last 4 1/2 years I can just say.. HOLY AMAZINGNESS! When I think about where I was 4 1/2 years ago and look at where we are and where we are heading I either want to do the following two things:

1. Hyperventilate Into An Amazing Anxiety Filled Heart Attack
2. Scream, Cry, Dance & High Five All The Random Mom's At Costco!!!

Either Way.. I'm On A Crazy Candy Train With The Most Incredible Team And It Doesn't Look Like We'll Be Slowing Down Anytime Soon! 


XoXo, Candy Girl

We SWEAR on our HAIR, We Didn't Do It!

Eat Your Favorite Snapple!

Now in Snapple flavored Jelly Belly's that come in cute little bottles too!

What will they think of next? Cheeseburger Pellets that make you SKINNY??? I'd Buy Them!

XoXo, Candy Girl 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Isabella & Victoria's Double Birthday Cinderella Birthday Bash! Pink Princess Candy & Dessert Buffet

Mommy Linda called in the sweetest group of girls in town in order to create a spectacularly sweet day for her Angels Isabella & Victoria! Mom ordered a custom candy & dessert station fit for a princess! The girls had a super fun Cinderella Dress Up Station, Giant Castle Jumpy House and all the yummy sweet treats they could eat! We wish them a most Happy Birthday and many, more! 

XoXo, Candy Girls 

Hip Hop & Graffiti Blue Bash! G Style Candy & Desserts

Justin LOVES and Obsesses over the world of Hip Hop and wanted to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in true G fashion! What an awesome blue & green lit venue that was created into Justins Hip Hop Lounge & Club. We created a Candy & Dessert Station for all of the Bar Mitzvah Boys Homies and had a blast Shakin' Our Thangs With them all night long! Mazel Tov Justin! 

XoXo, Candy Girls

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OH MY GOSHNESS!!!!! Losing My Freakin' Mind! We're Going To Taiwan!!!

We are FAMILY! I've Got All My Candy Sisters With Me! Belly- Shakes Her Money Maker!!!

Mom & Dad Said I Never Was Anyway...

Our 6 Days Of Sweet Events Bender Finale With Miss Katy Perry!

Our clients are all so very special to us however, we'll admit that working for our Calfornia Candy Girl Goddess Miss Katy Perry is always so much fun! We created a Winter Wonderland for her in Beverly Hills where it was nearly 90 degrees outside!  Our clients wishes are our command and we always love creating deliciously sweet experiences for them all! Life is short, make it sweet & fun! 

XoXo, Candy Girls

Friday, November 2, 2012

NEON Candy & Dessert Buffet For A Fab Clients New Chic Bow Tie Launch Party in the 90210!

We have to admit it, WE HAVE SOME BRILLIANTLY, WILDLY, FABULOUSLY,  Super CHIC Clients who Rock R Sparkly Socks So Hard!!! This Neon Inspired Event Was Created For One Of Our Fave Repeat Clients Ludo,  from the 90210 Who is Launching an insanely high-end mens Bow Tie Line in Beverly Hills! His Pad is INSANE- it's like a fashionable wonderland and every piece of furniture is more incredible then the next! We rolled out exactly what the guest of honor requested, lot's of Glitter Bombed Treats    ( Our Specialty) including chocolate dipped mallows, pretzels, Oreo Cake Bombs, Cupcakes, Mini Donuts &  A Ton O Candy! We aim to please (duhhh) When our clients freak out in pure sugary-joy- our mission is considered- COMPLETE! 
XoXo, Candy Girls

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