Saturday, March 24, 2012

HOORAY FOR GMA! We're going to NYC to cause Candy Insanity On Good Morning America!!! ( *insert Screams, Faints, Twirls, Cart Wheels!!!)

BREAKING NEWS IN CANDY GIRL LAND! It's Officially official and mom & dad always say NEVER announce stuff until it's fo' sho! Not sure what excites me more, being back in my fancy old hood of NYC or being on Good Morning America with Kate Winslet or swapping baby stories with MTV's Teen Mom's! SET YOUR DVR'S GUYS! TUESDAY MORNING MARCH 27th will be CANDY INSANITY!!! XoXo- Candy Girl 

More Cool Candyness! Seriously! We do these things in our down time because we're weirdly addicted to making candy into even cuter stuff!!!

Candy Decor, Candy Centerpieces, Candy Topiaries, Candy Props.. It's Just Pure- 
We make things that make YOU smile because life is short, we make it sweet & fun! 

XoXo- Candy Girls

Such A Great Day In Candy Girl Land With GMA- Good Morning America's Fabulously Fun Crew!!!

A Fabulously Fun Day WIth The Girls! Work HARD, Have Integrity & Good Things Continue To Happen!! We had the honor of spending the day with the most fabulously fun crew from Good Morning America ( WHAT!!! Kind of ridiculously amazing right!!!) These fantastic girls have had my back for years. Love them for their friendship & loyalty and so much support of this crazy Candyreer!!!
XoXo, Candy Girl

This Crew = SO FUN!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hollywood Candy Girls- Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego Candy Catering, Candy Edible Art Sculptures, Dessert Buffet Bars, Candy Favors, Gifts Galore!

The Most Fantastical Candy Land Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party For The Mcgraw Family- Candy Catering, Dessert Bar & Candy Buffet By The Hollywood Candy Girls

Candy Catering, Candy Buffet Bars, Dessert Stations, Sweet Tables, Edible Favors , Candy Creations & More- Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego

For Everything Sweet Under The Sun! Desserts, Candy, Cake Pops, Favors, Baskets,  Candy Gifts Galore!

Hollywood Candy Girls- Call Us
(714) 837-7119

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Custom Edible Favors, Weddings, Corporate, Mitzvahs, Give Aways! Cake Pops, Cookies, Brownies, Candy, Popcorn Cones, Sweets, Desserts & More!!!

Custom sweet favors available in all shapes, sizes, colors, packaging options, logos etc.. You dream it up and we'll create it for ya! Nationwide shipping! 

Cake Pops, cookies, brownies, macaroons, popcorn, candy,  candy, candy, cotton candy, nuts & fruits, marshmallows, oreos, goody boxes & more!!!

Call for more info ( 714) 837-7119

Hollywood's favorite Candy Girls Create 4 Miss Katy Perry's Candyfornia! A MUY Private Concert in La-La Land

Hollywood Candy Girls Create 4 Katy Perry's Candyfornia! A Super Exclusive Muy Private Concert in LA for some Screaming, Hollering, Super Suga' Lovin' Katy Cats of all ages!!!! This event was like OMG to the 3rd Degree! We Love our Katy Cakes! 

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