Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wonderland Candy Party For Talia! Happy 1st Birthday Big Girl!

Butterfly lady in the bubble!
This is NOT Sugar- Free

Baby Talia Celebrated her 1st birthday bash at the Century City Plaza Hotel and mommy through the most fantastical Wonderland themed party complete with whimsical creatures in costume, lovely decor and a ton of Candy! We loved working with this awesome family and wish this beautiful baby a very Happy 1st Bday!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Hollywood Candy Mama's in Their Version of The Mad Hatter

Mommy & Baby
Hollywood Candy Girls with their mean ol' pregnant boss, Candy Girl!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Simply Sweet & Safari Themed Bridal Shower Candy Station & Desserts in So Cal

A beautiful morning in Sunny So Cal.. An early morning Sunday Set Up for our fabulous friend Francie who held an intimate Safari themed bridal shower at her home for a dear friends daughter... She loves Zebra prints & bold tropical colors so we created just that! Enjoy the day lovely ladies! RAWR!!! XoXo- Candy Girls 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a family affair! The Grandparents to the candy empire take their baby to the beach & rub it in!

Thank you to the Grandparents to the Candy Empire, George & Arci who believe in their daughter 
( ME!) so much!  And... for helping my Candy King & I by caring for this beautiful baby girl who we all love so much!!! You're really funny too & add silly captions to your pictures! I already have mothers guilt but you can keep rubbin' it in while the three of you prance on the beach while I count jelly beans and figure out cool things to make with licorice!

Candy Girl
The Best Things in Life Are FREE...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY's Cathie Filian of Creative Juice Sent Us Her RAD Hot Glue Gun Helpers! No More Glue Burns! YAY!!!

Thank you Cathie for these Candygirl-riffic Hot Glue Gun Helpers.. We get pretty creative sometimes here in Candy Girl Land and have got the scars & glue gun burns to prove it! Tons of Em! ( OUCH!) What an absolutely awesome invention and Eh-Hem.. Your color choices are kinda brilliant! Can't wait to get crackin' and play with these! We look forward to watching your creative juices flowin' on DIY's Creative Juice!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Gourmet Wedding Popcorn Buffet & Favor Station @ The Iconic Beverly Hills Hotel

Hip, Hip Hooray For Our Gourmet Popcorn Buffet! A fabulous wedding for a most fabulous couple at the super chic Beverly Hills Hotel. We created a  super gourmet popcorn station that incorporated the hotels iconic pink & white stripes and design. The bride LalaLOVES popcorn so we had to include some flavors that would knock her diamond encrusted garter belt off!!! Mango Kettle Corn, Sea Salt & Truffle, Vermont White Cheddar, Candied Rainbow Popcorn, Ginger Caramel Corn, Old fashioned butter, Chocolate Drizzle & more... A big Thank you to the phenomenal team at the Beverly Hills Hotel who made an exception to the rule and allowed The Hollywood Candy Girls to create this super fun add-on to the bride & grooms big day! 
XoXo- Candy Girl

Friday, August 12, 2011

Custom Candy & Dessert Gift Boxes For Our Mama Oprah & Her Team At OWN- The Oprah Winfrey Network! Mission Complete Candy Girls!

When called in for a super last minute order for favorite gal, our beloved Mama Oprah Winfrey & Her Team at OWN- The Oprah Winfrey Network, we skipped & wiggled and bounced right into action! A large order of custom gift boxes filled with sweets & treats for the team included custom OWN cake pops, OWN caramel popcorn, Super -Mega Giant M&M Cookies & More... We wish all the hard working staff at OWN a fabulous friday & to my beloved candy crew.. JOB WELL DONE! Jessica & Cameron- you saved the day with your insanely sweet skills in about 24 hours my pretty babies!! 

XoXo- Candy Girl

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best Damn Quote I've Heard All Week!

Me, nearly 6 months pregnant feeling happily fatigued with my loves while forced to wear my moms ridiculous leopard shawl since she thinks the cold air will hurt my baby! IDK? It's a Mexican Mother Thing...

“Total commitment to family and total commitment to career is possible, but fatiguing.”
― Muriel Fox

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Did I Handle The Official Announcement of Our New TLC Reality Show "Candy Queen Yesterday" ? Well lets just say I'm still sitting here in my condo paying all my bills late and need to brush my messy hair & buy some baby formula.

I'm tired and I gotta try super hard to not go on and on with this post because naturally, now that the official press release was posted online regarding our new TLC reality show " Candy Queen"  there really isn't any breaking news in Candy Girl Land to share with you... yet. I mean c'mon, anyone who watches reality TV or is addicted to it like I am knows that this could possibly be a really fun, crazy, embarrassing and what I hope will be a very HONEST ride into our world & our lives.

I am the first to admit it, I've got so many damn issues, other than candy, I could probably sell a whole lotta' tissues however, I really hope that men & women of all ages and especially little girls realize that anything & everything is possible for them if they are willing to work their asses off, not complain and treat people like they matter. I'm not a Kum-ba-yah type who wears daisies in my hair and flashes peace signs to people walkin' down the street but I have realized through so many of my life's own major F-ups & stupid choices, what works and what does not and I've realized that when you build people up rather than busting their balls to oblivion and making them feel like garbage, they will work harder for you, become more loyal ( some, not all) and help your business grow.

Our friends and family are so excited for us and that's expected and then you have those who apparently took an over-night course in becoming Producers, Agents & Life Coaches who say stupid stuff that makes no sense and has no validity. When you sign up for something like this you've got to keep it real and know that with the good comes the bad. I'd imagine that most viewers will laugh with us, relate to our family and lives while other's may find us incredibly blah & nauseating but it's totally OK. We get it. We nauseate ourselves somedays too!

I will leave you with this, the last year of my life I've been contacted by handfuls of production companies from LA to NYC. Now let me tell you, I've pretty much considered myself to be a nobody for most of my life, a regular chick who think's she's witty on a good day, weirdly sensitive with the bark of a pit-bull and bite of a chiuaua.  I've been asked to take meetings with agents, producers, managers and had people try and sell me the moon & the stars disguised in fancy words at fancy restaurants in Hollywood while all I wanted to do was be at a Chili's with my team drinking diet coke, eating cheap wings and talking about our usual girl nonsense which makes me feel like I'm still in my twenties and still kinda cool ( I know, I'm pathetically clinging to my youth as if the candy business did not already give that away!) I will tell you that the ONLY place I ever wanted to be was on TLC and anyone who knows us, knows the reasons why. I love my family like a lunatic, work my ass off to the point of exhaustion, have phenomenal clients who often become my friends, I'm completely mistrusting of most, incredibly protective of those I care about and only wanted to be on a network where I felt they depicted families, their lives and their business's in a way I would be proud of and comfortable with! I have a family now, I am a wife and a mom and apparently a jack rabbit since I am now pregnant again and when you grow up like I am trying to, you have to care about things like integrity, honesty and people's intentions! I want to thank everyone at Half Yard Productions who is producing this show and has treated me with respect and love and cared for me and my family this last year which has been a roller-coaster for us personally. We're lovin' our new family at Gordo Entertainment and look forward to driving them bonkers bananas and really I can't say enough about finding a home at TLC other than, one of my most favorite new life memories was the day I met you all in your offices and broke into my hysterical ugly cry within the first 2 minutes of meeting you after someone kindly asked me a very simple question, "So how old is your baby again?"  I know guys, I'm kind of an adorable mess...

To be continued...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Preppin' For Our End Of Summer Fiesta Bash To FINALLY Celebrate Baby's 1st Birthday & Grandpa Georgie Kicking Cancers Fat Ass! Arrrrrriba! Ay-Ya-Yay!

Party People!!!! You know how the party world is full of all these fancy folks who often create inspiration boards and their pin interests regarding a party or event they are planning??? You've seen that stuff before right? It's full of fabric swatches, lace, ribbons and all laid out so beautifully.. Well, here is my inspiration blog for a Bash I'm planning for my big ol' crazy Latino familia and all of our friends! It may not be delicate & soft and perfectly understandable but all you need to know is that the Pinata's will be plenty, fresh Churro's drizzled in Dulce De Leche will be passed, Mariachi's will be playing at a totally unacceptable noise level for the neighborhood, my cousins will drink all the alcohol by the 2nd hour which will piss off my mom,  dogs will wear Zarape's & Sombrero's & our guests will stuff themselves into oblivion! My inspiration for everything I do is MY FAMILY, my life, my clients & my work..While I may tease conventional & fancy ways of doing things you have to realize.. I'm kidding and it doesn't really matter to me how any of us operate rather, I just live & run my business in a way that works for me. Find what works for you and run with it!

Life is short, so we make it sweet & fun!
XoXo, Candy Girl

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometimes it's totally acceptable to be a Big Ol' Dum, Dum! Candy Centerpieces & Candy Creations for your Candy Land Themed Events!

Bella & Reghan Go To Dinner, Gossip About Their Mamas & Fall Into A Carb Coma!

So What's Up With You Girl? Are You Fo' Real? Oh, NO She Didn't Dress You in Hand Me Downs Again! That No Good Heffa!
I've been watching my dang carbs all summer, Gimme That Bread Woman, Bikini Season is coming to an end anyway and once I start walkin' the Doc says my chunky thighs will melt away...
BAM! I'm Ready For Dessert Girl! Let's Bounce!
I'll pass...I mean,  do I have to remind you of who my mother is again???


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shabby Chic Lookin' Oh So Sweet in Brentwood! Candy & Elegance all rolled into one fantastic Candy Station & Dessert Buffet

Allie!!!! Congratulations on your most special day! You were a joy to work with and we're thrilled to have been a part of your Shabby Chic spectacular!
Candy Girl

Mom Bianca called in The Hollywood Candy Girls to create Candy Land for baby Gianelle who turned ONE! This fabulous spread was complete with huge lollipop centerpieces and major pops of bright bold colors! We provided Two additional Candy Activity Stations for the kiddos complete with Candy Girls who helped theme create awesome candy crafts & jewelry! Happy Birthday Baby Gianelle!  
XoXo- Candy Girls

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