Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Am A Reality TV Addict & It's Because of Dude's Like This.. SAM B! You Had Me At The 1st Fist Pump!

I will admit that in the very little downtime I allow myself, I'm a reality TV addict. It all started with the first episode of MTV's real world New York City and I was hooked fo' life. I'll also admit that I tend to gravitate towards people who are a little quirky, I like under-dogs and I always root for the least likely to win the race, the talent competition and the one who probably even cheats a little while living on the biggest loser compound. I mean, I like watching others go balls to  the wall and have no shame in their game. You gotta watch this clip below of Sammie B! I mean, if every single club on earth had a hype man to work the crowd like this then I'd probably go to more night clubs, sit in a corner with my Pina Colada and just stare in amazement. Enjoy Party People and remember, life is short- make it sweet & fun!
Candy Girl

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cadillac's VIP Event @ The Grove- Now That's Some Super Sweet Red Blooded Luxury! VROOOOM...

Cadillac's 2011 Campaign- Red Blooded Luxury was a massive hit at the Taste of the Grove's VIP event in Los Angeles. We were asked to create a bold candy station for Cadillac's finest VIP's which included an array of candy and extra large cake balls, a staff of 6, a baby & a partridge in a pear tree! We had a fantastic time with our friends at The Grove & Cadillac and are so happy to have been able to sweeten up all those fabulous VIP's! Watch their 2011 Campaign Video Below.. It's Muy Sexy.

XoXo- Candy Girls

PS- And if any of you super-mega- adorable, good looking, generous head honcho's at Cadillac ever want to let us borrow our dream ride which is a big giant Hot Pink & Sparkly Escalade with super big spinning Lollipop rims and a horn that plays the Suga' Suga'  song when you honk it, we'd say Heck YES Baby & Thank you! (a girl can dream can't she, and I've been a major day dreamer since I was 5!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Celebratory Day In Candyland for all the Boys & Girls!!!

And They Also Get To Live Happily Ever After... BRAVO New York Freakin' City, The Largest State To Legalize Gay Marriage! We're celebrating in Candyland and waiving our Rainbow Flags, Bumpin' The Speakers with our boyfriend, George Michael and Sprinkling Glitter all over the street! We're so happy for so many of our friends today and we've got weddings to plan people!!! So... get off your asses and you can start by pressing play below and shakin' your booty to George Michael's FREEDOM! 90...

XoXo, Candy Girl

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best Things In Life Are FREE! Cherish Your Family & Friends, They're The Greatest Gift We're Given.

A simple statement I need to make about reminding us all to cherish the people in our lives not the things. Friends & family are truly the greatest gift we are given in this lifetime and it's people that matter not stuff, not nonsense, not anything other then those who we love and love us back. This is my family and our friends at my dads retirement party a couple years ago. These faces are the ones who've mattered most my entire life and as life continues to take us through it's up and downs, twists and turns, these are the people who'll help see us through it all, because love is a beautiful thing and nothing can compare to that or even come close to topping it. 

XoXo, Candy Girl

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vanessa Loves Nick! Vanessa Minnilo's Bridal Shower- Harmonie Serves it up Bridal Style

The beautiful Vanessa Minnillo celebrated her upcoming nuptials to Nick Lachey with a lavender-themed surprise bridal shower hosted in the Beverly HIlls home of her Maid of Honor this past weekend. 
The 16 guests of this intimate gathering enjoyed HPNOTIQ Harmonie cocktails throughout the night as well as decorating mini wedding cakes with Marc Gravelle from Amazing Wedding Cakes and adorable bridal gift sets from Urban Decay. 
Check out the full album for an exclusive inside look into Vanessa's special day!

Congratulations Vanessa!
Candy Girls


Natalie's TOP MODEL Mitzvah Bash & Create Your Own Pixie Stick Candy Bar & Activity Station

Man-o-man do we live for Mitzvahs and Natalie's was NO exception. This Gorgeous girl celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in true fashionista style. Natalie's Top Model Mitzvah was a super bash complete with gorgeous florals from Tic Tock Couture and a beautifully produced event. Natalie LalaLOVES Pixie Sticks and wanted a Pixie Candy Bar! Guests enjoyed creating custom pixie sticks with all kinds of fun mix ins and even edible glitter sugar that added some blingtastic fun to this activity. Candy Girl Jessica assisted the kiddos all night and Natalie had a super chic Mitzvah to remember. Mazel Tov to the whole family! 

Candy Girl

A Wonderland Inspired 30 Ft Candy Paradise, Dessert Bar, Candy Station Creation, Cake Pops, French Macaroons, Mini Donut Bar & More!

A Wonderland Inspired Wedding at the Magnificent St. Regis Hotel, Monarch Beach. The bride & groom wanted to WOW the Tuxes & Ball Gowns off their guests at this magical black tie affair. Our team worked on over-load to create  nearly 30 ft of dessert paradise is what we created and they asked for pastel hues and a massive variety of colorful treats which included our famous glam bite cake pops, French Macaroons, Macaroon Towers , mini donuts,  a variety of cupcakes, cookies, candy, chocolate covered strawberries and was topped off with a stunning wedding cake! Insanely beautiful florals, orchids, over-sized Manzanita tree's drenched in crystals allowed us to create this wedding wonderland! We wish this couple a lifetime of sweet wedded bliss... 

Candy Girl

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Don't Just Have PHD's in Candylosophy, Some Of Us Have REAL Degrees Too!

A super big congratulations goes out to our Lil' Bitty Hollywood Candy Girl Vanessa who graduated from Fashion School in LA this week! She's officially a FIDM grad and we're so proud of her huge accomplishment! So guess who'll be designing, sewing, blinging out and conceptualizing all our new outfits and marketing them into oblivion??? That's right, little Miss Fashion Queen! So proud of you V! This calls for a company meeting and celebration at our beloved Cheesecake Factory!!! Total high kick into the splitz moment!!!

XoXo, Candy Girl

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