Saturday, April 30, 2011

A 1st Birthday Bash! Troy's County Fair @ The Irvine Park Railroad & Coutry Themed Candy Station, Favors & A Zillion OtherFun Things Too!

Troy turned the big #1 and mommy Luchi & Family threw this very lucky little boy the most fabulous County Fair. Troy's County Fair to be exact!  The venue was perfect! The Irvine Park Railroad which happens to be one of the coolest kids & family friendly places I've ever been too! This party came complete with many of Troy's family who flew in from the Philippines and mom went all out! This day was so special to her that she wanted the most fun celebration for Troy & The Family! This super fun day came complete with  Carnival Games, Bounce Houses, A Big ol BBQ,  Funnel Cakes, Cotton Candy, Caramel Apples,  A Country Themed Custom Candy Bar & Favors , Prizes, Balloons, Trains, Horses.. PHEW... Happy Birthday to Lil T-Man, The Heiress To The Candy Empire Had A Lil' Crush on you.. Just turned 1 and already a ladies man! Another great event with a very special family who made us feel right at home! 

XoXo, Candy Girl

WE GOT Mail! And We're TOTALLY Showing it Off & Bragging About It Too! High Kick into the splitz!

We Got Mail! OH Yes We do and it happens to be so sweet that we couldn't help ourselves... we had to brag and show it off to our Candy family. Whoever you are Kian Atkinson. THANKS BABY! Often times, we get emails and people say things like " I know you guys are probably so busy" or "I know you'll never reply to my email" or "Sorry to be annoying and ask but..." SERIOUSLY! You've got to not be afraid to express yourself in life and I guess since rejection is a huge fear amongst so many of us (Including ME, Majorly!) we tend to shy away from speaking our minds, saying how we feel or asking for something. One of the best pieces of advise my mom gave me, "ASK for things, if you don't, how is anyone ever going to know what you want or need!" So Damn Poetic and since it's almost mothers day, I Love you Ma! So enjoy Kian's email. He or She is Fabtastic and we'd love to help you out in any way we can, as long as it's humanly possibly and not some weirdo mc-weirdy pants request! Ha. Oh! And That quote at the end of your email is so right on, we had to Facebook status update ourselves with it!

Candy Girl who Hearts Strangers! 

PS- After-all, Human connections make this world go round and round...

 Subject: Awesome Blog! From:
 Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 15:53:26 -0700
I stumbled upon your blog while doing a search for cake pops. My intentions were to start a small side biz based on cake pops/treats and mini desserts. Going through your blog I must say what you've created is an amazing accomplishment and a unique twist to sweet treats. I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say thank you for sharing your work and inspirations with the world.
Kian Atkinson

Riches do not respond to wishes. They respond only to definite plans, backed by definite desires through constant persistence.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Come & Sit In Our New Office Chairs! Lay Back, Relax & Eat Some Fun Dip!

Candy+ High Heels +8 days of shopping = The Michael Antonio Pop Up Shoe Shop @ The Newport Beach Film Festival! Candy Insanity!!!!

The Michael Antonio Pop Up Shop @ The Newport Beach Film Festival is officially open for business! For 8 days ( Until May 5th) you can walk, shop, eat, check out films, eat candy, buy shoes, buy shoes & buy shoes.. You can also buy a ton of other stuff but once you check out the shoes, heels, sandals, wedges, stilettos and more at Michael Antonio, most likely you'll only be wanting SHOES! This truly is a Girl-tastic paradise and Sweet, Sole, Satisfaction like you've never seen! XoXo- Candy Girls
Amazing Job Team Candy! Candy Motha' Is Terribly Proud of Us This Week, Work OVER-LOAD!
XoXo, Candy Girl

PS- There is a coupon below you can click on and use at the shop for a 20% discount! And YES! You are all considered friends & family so, Use it! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Grandparents To The Candy Empire! It's Weeks Like This Where I'd Rather Have YOU Then WIn The Lottery!

The Grandparents to the Candy Empire Georgie & Arci &
The Heiress To The Candy Empire!!!

This week is an exceptionally, insanely, bonkers, bananas, busy one and yes it's due to work, projects, events during all hours of the day, Dr. appointments for the new baby,  candy warehouses opening, places to go, people to see, events in New York, Miami... AND.. apparently I'm supposed to STOP! and smell the roses too! I did that while picking up the mail this morning and now I can't stop sneezing and my allergies are making me a puffy-eyed mess of crazy face! Note to self- NO more smelling the roses, just sniff UPS man Miguel's over-powering P-Diddy cologne.. Raawr! 

Anyhow, family has been on my mind ALOT! It always is actually and the truth is, it's the only reason all this is even happening or why I work myself into a crazed frenzy 7 days a week. By the way, my temper has been a bit more under control lately and I'm working on it daily and feel like no one is even noticing... guess I'll have to keep doing the deep breathing exercises that Dr. Issues showed me. So with all that being said, I love you mom & dad. I don't know how this would all happen without you and you've become the most Amazing Grandparents To The Candy Empire & It's Because of you that we will achieve Candy World Domination!!!!

Love you, Booty Bump High Fives!

Candy Girl

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