Thursday, October 13, 2011

Custom Favor Boxes, Corporate Gifts, Pre-Packaged Wedding Favors, Party Gifts, Candy GIft Baskets & Bouquets

We Believe in helping our clients to preserve a state of Positive Mental Health! How Do We Do That? By doing things for them, of course! Why cause yourself a Massive Stage 5 Head-Ache that could potentially produce wrinkles  as you're packaging & designing & doing allllll the boring work yourself when you can hire a spunky team of hard working chicks to do it alllllll for you! We find sleep  way boring and LOVE to Go-Go-Go so next time you need some custom favors for your next celebration- Dial The Candy Hotline and speak to a friendly Hollywood Candy Girl who'll make your life that much easier & that much sweeter! We'll custom design your logos and make you the cutest stuff you've ever seen! Call Us (714) 837-7119  

XoXo- Candy Girls


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