Thursday, October 27, 2011

Custom Candy Gift Baskets, Candy Favors, Corporate Gifts, Gourmet Treat Baskets, Popcorn Baskets & Gifts!

EXTRA! EXTRA!!!! Why rest when we can work like lunatics who play with C-A-N-D-Y all day long!!! You've got to check out some of our super colorful candy filled, custom baskets & gifts! Awesome corporate gifts, birthdays, special occasions & more! You don't have to live in Hollywood in order to taste our candy & yummy treats- We Ship it! All Over The US of A!!!!

XoXo, Candy Girls

Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Dear Friend & Client Called in the girls to create a most special Dessert Buffet & we were absolutely thrilled to do so! Life is so precious to us all and Celebrating this very sweet life was and honor & a pleasure...

 Love you friend! XoXo- Candy Girls

Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Happens.. Roll With It & Let It Be...

Lord Lollipops Sprinkle Tinkle Winkle For The Baby Boy With A Dinkle Shower!!!

Coming off a most wonderful weekend with the people I love the most who helped our family prepare for the arrival of our newest candy baby- Lord Lollipop with an insanely fun Sunday afternoon sprinkle shower at Lola's! Rarely at a loss for words because I'm really good at using them, but when it comes to the moments in life when you are surrounded by those who've known you forever and mean so much to you,it makes you vulnerable and feeling like you're ten years old all over again. I simply want to thank my candy family ( Yessica, Bree, Ash, Cam, Girl Joey, Boy Joey, Adam, J-Ho & Posh Pixels for going out of their way to make this day so cute, so special & so delicious & fun for everyone. You guys work so hard and you're so young & beautiful and wonderful and work your asses off with smiles on your faces!  And my dear, dear, beautiful best girl friend Miss Kelle Cake Pops Cohen who must have baked for days to create us the most magnificent dessert bar that was again.. Way To Pretty To Eat and so delicious that an 8 months pregnant chick had no business being near it! Thanks to all our family, friends, neighbors, friends of friends & all the crew working on our New TLC show Candy Queen, who were a part of this day and now a part of our familia too! Thank you guys for so much love that all I do is cry but the truth is.. I'M SENSITIVE DAMMIT! ;) 

Love, J 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shannon's Blingtastical, Magical & Most Romantical Wedding Candy & Dessert Station at Pelican Hill Resort

Shannon Celebrated her most magnificent wedding day at one of the finest resorts in all the land- Pelican Hill Resort & Spa in the stunning Newport Coast.Black, White & Silver accents enhanced this candy & dessert table that included custom petit-fours along with beautiful decor, stunning photos of the couple and our fabulously sparkly bling, bling vessels! Congratulations Shannon & Nicholas! May you live sweetly ever after...

XoXo- Candy Girl

Change can be a beautiful and necessary thing but not when it comes to changing who you are!

Friday, October 14, 2011

So Can We or Can't We Do It All???? Ummm.. This is an obvious Duhhhh Moment!

Tonight I heard someone insinuate that you can't possibly focus on your family & build a business and career at the same time. You've got to pick one or the other. Now, I may not know it all however, I do know that I totally DISAGREE! On the planet I live on, mommy's are doing this every single day and although we sometimes face very tough, heart wrenching moments with our kiddos and can be pulled in 100 directions all at the same time... WE CAN DO IT ALL! Obstacles only exist if you let them.

Night Friends.. I'd leave you with a high kick & splits but I'm honestly so dang pregnant right now, I'd most likely tip over & chip one of my un-manicured nails - GOD FORBID! 

XoXo, Candy Girl

And PS- I'd be such a big, fat liar if I did not acknowledge the fact that I have got one hell of a kick ass, gorgeous husband & most hands on baby daddy who supports his insane wife so much that I'm able to make all this happen for my family.. I love you man and seriously, I still don't even know why you like me so much! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Custom Favor Boxes, Corporate Gifts, Pre-Packaged Wedding Favors, Party Gifts, Candy GIft Baskets & Bouquets

We Believe in helping our clients to preserve a state of Positive Mental Health! How Do We Do That? By doing things for them, of course! Why cause yourself a Massive Stage 5 Head-Ache that could potentially produce wrinkles  as you're packaging & designing & doing allllll the boring work yourself when you can hire a spunky team of hard working chicks to do it alllllll for you! We find sleep  way boring and LOVE to Go-Go-Go so next time you need some custom favors for your next celebration- Dial The Candy Hotline and speak to a friendly Hollywood Candy Girl who'll make your life that much easier & that much sweeter! We'll custom design your logos and make you the cutest stuff you've ever seen! Call Us (714) 837-7119  

XoXo- Candy Girls

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