Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Other mommy's & daddy's always ask us..and with an incredibly TERRIFIED look on their faces " What are you going to do with your babies & all that Candy??" Teach them how to brush their dang teeth! Duhhh!

The Greatest Daddy In The Candy Girl Land Teaching The Heiress To Candy Empire How To Properly Brush Her Teeth! Our Dentist & Pediatrician are so freakin' proud, we almost made them cry! Stop worrying party people, Our baby thinks Vegetables & Fruits are actually "Candy" & We Call actual Candy "Bad, Ca-Ca-Poo-Poo & flush it in the potty" All is good up in our candy coated casa & clearly we are pumping out baby geniuses like it's our
 J-O-B!!!! Lord Lollipop will be hear in just nine weeks! Can You believe it baby!!!!

Life is short, make it sweet & fun!

Xo- Candy Girl 


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