Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Isabella- Heiress To The Candy Empire 4 President! Free Lollipops 4 All The Boys & Girls. Don't worry Health Nut, Granola Mommies- we have Sugar-Free & Organic Ones Too!

Tired of the same old promises??? So are we & that's why our campaign will rock your sparkly socks off!
No More Taxes On Candy People! Drinking fountains will over-flow with Cherry Kool- Aid, All the  babies in pre-school will learn about unicorns, rainbows  & Smurfs! 

VOTE 4 The Heiress To The Candy Empire!!!  YES WE CAN PARTY PEOPLE!!!

This has been a paid message from our sponsor... My mother... Candy Girl

Can I Get A Koo-Koo Up in Here!


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