Sunday, June 12, 2011

It just wouldn't be a family business w/out her so she's in training and has her eye on the prize : CEO Of Candy Land Bitche$!!

Yeah- Yeah- Yeah- So I've heard you're Baby Can Read, I know, I know- I've seen the commercials.. Well... My Baby Can Email, Fax, Type 40 WPM, Answer Phones in fake British accent, Do Our Online Banking, Sort Jelly Beans By Color  and... She Can't even walk yet! Top It You Perfect Mother Mafia's! I may still be learning to maneuver motherhood, but soon my kid may very well be city mayor and I'll get to retire sooner than I'd imagined and swing in a hammock in the backyard all day. A-M-B-I-T-I-O-N & Baby Geniuses are a beautiful thing!

Happy Sunday,
Candy Girl


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