Monday, February 7, 2011

Caroline's Super Sweet Purple Puppy Party, Calabasas Ca

Happy Monday Party People!

The Hollywood Candy Girls are AVID Dog Lovers! We often pillow fight over who's dog is the cutest! We jumped and twirled at the chance to create a very special Sweet Purple Purple Puppy Party for Lil' Miss Caroline who celebrated her Birthday surrounded by all her favorite 4 legged friends. Caroline's Golden Retriever and best friend approved of her Custom Candy Station and was having a stare-down, showdown with the 4 cute puppy props that were part of the decor! Dogs are totally territorial ya' know! This was a super fun fabtastic event in Calabasas and another job well done by Hollywood fava fave Candy Girls!

PS- We hope you're inspired to run off and rescue, adopt or purchase 100 puppies after this! 

XoXo- The Candy Mamacitas

And PPS- Check out the super fab-tastic, Self-esteem boosting email from our delicious client below that caused us to react with a super high kick, back flip into the splits topped off with a high five! 

From: autumn@XXXXXX
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 
Subject: Re: Caroline's Party

The party turned out perfect. Everything from weather to the candy!!! Your display was beautiful and a great customized centerpiece to the theme! It really tied everything together. Of course, the kids loved the candy! Thanks again, I will be sure to spread the word around about your company! 

Take care,
Autumn Carnevali



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