Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Super Fun Summer Event for the Extraordinary staff at O.W.N - The Oprah Winfrey Network Los Angeles

Simply put,  it is truly a great privilege and tremendous honor to be working with the staff at OWN, The New Oprah Winfrey Network that will be launching on 1-1-11(We'll be watching). We have done a couple events this summer with this phenomenal group of kind & talented people and have loved every second of it. We are so thrilled when we are called upon to sweeten their days at OWN with our super fun & super yummy services. The latest and greatest event was a fun 20 ft long Vintage Circus Themed Snack Bar & Candy Station. We created a popcorn buffet with various flavors, cake- pops in chocolate, red velvet & lemon &  mini cupcake bites, a ton-o fun & nostalgic candy and topped it off with fresh cotton candy & circus peanuts! The staff was delighted and so much fun as always! We can't say enough about how special these events are for us. We look so forward to working with this awesome team and can't wait to see our friends at OWN again very soon! 

PS- The Awesome Signs You See Were Designed by our super talented 
friend Kristy at Posh Pixels ~

The Candy Girls Saved The Day in LA...Again YWD Magazine Release Party, Los Angeles Ca 7-10-

Wedding industry publication powerhouse YWD Magazine 

( Your Wedding Day Magazine) held their spring summer 2010 issue release party at the Inter Continental Hotel Los Angeles, Century City. The Candy Girls were called in at the 11th hour when event planners realized they had a CANDYASTROPHE on their hands!!! Long story short, they needed fabulous candy and really, really, fast! Like, when you slip in your high heels and catch yourself before you fall on your a$ in front a million people fast! I received the phone call from the insanely talented Mrs. Kristin Banta of and we simply had to come to the rescue. Yes, we had a massive week & weekend full of events to design and plan for but we simply could not say NO to all of our fabulous friends at YWD who needed our help. The end result was a PINK-afied candy station that complimented the events concept of a turn of the century soiree, with a little bit of a dark twist. It was Alice in Wonderland, meets old circus, meets ethereal garden. The event turned out to be a huge success for the magazine and was pure eye candy all night long! Guests gravitated with OOH's & AHH'S toward our Candy & Diamonds creation that mixed 2 things that most women can't seem to ever get enough of.. It's a great thing to have found our purpose in life... making the world a sweeter, prettier & more deliciously sexy after day after day!

Fab event photos by the geniuses at :TripleCord Photography, 949 481 1345

Friday, July 30, 2010

THE QUESTION WE ARE ALWAYS ASKED... " Do you guys eat candy all day long?"

We are asked about a BillionMillionGatrillion times a day, " Do you guys eat candy all day long?" And we respond, YES! I kid, I kid.  Surprisingly, we don't sit around eating our products all day long however, we do kind of love and worship it as if it were a religious statue that brings us prosperity, good looks & good luck.. like daily! I know it's hard to understand how you can be surrounded by something so wanted, so loved and so delicious but like anything else, we simply are used to it and our dental bills are ridic! We love our pearly whites and and as we all know too much sugar causes cavities so we've kind of learned to Lalalalove the stuff but lay off it. Candy is so pretty though.. just looking at it satisfies our sweet tooth! And such is the life of a candy girl...

XoXo, Jackie & The Sugar Momma's " Candy Girls"

Monday, July 26, 2010

What Do You See When You Look at this Picture?

What do you see when you look at this picture? Some may say they see a gorgeous baby ( Duhhh, Ovi-O), Others will say they see a giant box of candy on top of a gorgeous baby. I say, You are looking at Baby Bella, our fabulous New Spokes Model and future Miss Teen USA-2020 ,Miss USA-2025 and Miss Universe-2026. Yes, my child will absolutely win every single title in the USA Pageant System. Why on earth wouldn't she? And if pageants don't work at the very least she will be the heiress to a Candy Empire !! Either way, she'll live in a world full of colorful characters and all the sweets & sugar that anyone could have ever dreamed of. What a life! There is a world full of newborns out there who are drooling with jealousy in their onezies right now... keep drooling babies- this girl is absolutely  FABULOUS!

Be Silly & Sweet, It makes life more fun!
XoXo, Jackie " Candy Girl"

PS- Product placement moment: The box of candy Bella is holding is one of our fun new services that we have added to our line of Candy To Go Products & Gifts...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seriously- Have you ever seen Hershey Kisses Look So Sexy?

Jen was married at the fabulous & super luxe Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes and wanted Sexy & Elegant Candy for her guests to devour. We wanted to incorporate lots of Kisses, Hershey's that is. Blinging out candy is fun and since we love to pretty-up things we added lots of crystals, shimmer & sparkle. Our lovely bride LOVED her candy and her guests simply said " It's too pretty to eat". We get that a lot! We wish this couple years and years of Sweet Wedded Bliss...
XoXo, Jackie "Candy Girl"

Holy Cow! The Candy Girls are So Going to Dubai to visit the Holy Land- CANDYLICIOUS! 10,000 Square Feet Of Candy Paradise

So... in our Master Plan, The Candy Girls will be opening their very own Candy Store some day soon on Hollywood Boulevard ( OK, We prefer Hollywood Boulevard but we're business minded too and this is prime retail space which = Major Dollars) with a giant Pink ,White & Sparkly swirly slide that guests must slide down in order to enter our Candy Mecca! ( We'll have doors & elevators too, so no need to worry if you're not into Giant Slides ;-). We live & breath all things candy and it's only natural that we also have the most fabulously fun candy shoppe that the worlds ever seen! Yes, we know it's a big investment but that's why you have investors, really cute & generous ones too.. duhhh. 

We are planning on visiting The Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates and taking a visit to CANDYLICIOUS! This is an awesome space with over 10,000 Square Feet of Candy Love. The only issue for most people here in the USA is that it's located in Dubai and that's not to most common family vacation destination for most. The photos alone are pretty fantastic and we are looking forward to creating our own Candy Holy Land here in Hollywood! This store serves as great inspiration but since we're so competitive and we admit it, we'll give these guys a run for their money.. I mean that in the nicest way too! Hey, competition is healthy and if you are anything like us, Competition makes us better and better at everything we do. Because the truth is, WE MUST WIN AT EVERYTHING!!! 

Enjoy the pics of this great place and EAT MORE CANDY!
XoXo, Jackie & The Candy Girls 

PS- Sing This... The Candy Girls Can Because We Sprinkle It With Love and Make The World Taste Good... ( Look Good Too, Ha)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Premier Candy Company In The Entire Universe! No One Does It Like The Candy Girls Do! Press Play!

The Hollywood Candy Girls are at it again...
At Custom Candy Buffet Bars We pride ourselves on being the only girls on this entire planet who can make any candy dream come true. We are the PREMIER Candy Buffet and Candy Catering Company in Southern California. From Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs and more... Our Motto- Have Candy- Will Travel! Our services include all things candy- Candy Creations, Candy Cakes, Candy Catering, Candy Parties, Candy Presents, Candy Stations, Candy Buffets, Wedding Candy Buffets, Candy Art, Candy Everything! We love sweets & making treats and our clients are the best in town! We spread our love around the world one Jelly Bean at a time! We service private parties, all celebrations, corporate events, product launches, premiers, we are great for marketing & conventions too! Want more customers? Bring in some Candy Girls to do the trick!Works every time ;-)
XoXo, Jackie & The Candy Girls

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Candy Girl Adventures Sum, Sum, Summertime! Everywhere We Goooo, People Wanna Knowww, Who WE Are, So We Tell 'Em...

Summertime is the funnest time to be a Candy Girl!!! Is "funnest" a word?? I'll have to ask the Google Gods later. It should be a word, it totally works and I have been using it for years! I just decided, It's a word. Our clients Love to know what's new in our crazy candy world and we Lalalalove to let them know. Everyone knows that we are the girls who put the CAN in CANDY! We Never Say NO to our clients and the reality is we can make any Candy Vision, Candy Concept and Candy Dreams come true... We are often imitated but the truth is NEVER duplicated. We think it's the coolest when we show up at events from Las Vegas to Hollywood to NYC and back and we hear the crowd say " Hey! The Candy Girls Are Here!" I mean c'mon our jobs are kind of ridiculously awesome and like I always say... NO ONE IS EVER MEAN TO A CANDY GIRL! And if they are... NO candy for you and we mean it! ;-)

We have been working around the clock for what seems like months and months and months. Just when we think we are going to rest, we book 10 more amazing events and it's No rest for anyone! I know I am kind of a slave driver as a boss but the reality is, I LOVE my Candy Girls- we are a family, ( perhaps a colorful and drama filled one at times but nevertheless, we are family and I am the oldest so I get to be the mom and boss everyone around, all the time) Ugh! Does life get any better then this? We've got a booming business, a new baby to train and dress up in hot pink & leopard & princess outfits, amazingly fabulous clients who we adore and so appreciate and we are the USA ambassadors of Candyliciousness! What does that mean you ask? Duhh.. Well we sprinkle our candy love all across the universe with our Candy Creations, Candy Events, Candy Catering, Candy Stations, Candy Costumes & Candy Everything!

XoXo, Jackie " Candy Girl"

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