Friday, May 28, 2010

A Sneak Peak- Our Wild Week Of American Idol Season 9 Finale Parties! The Hollywood Candy Girls are on Fire!!!

Helloooooooo Everyone Out There In Candy Land!

I'm in an amazingly great mood today even after a week of non-stop parties, massive pressure, meetings and some really wild drama sprinkled in too! Such is the life of a Candy Girl! We've got so many clients and friends asking us to post the pics and blog on our wildly fun week of American Idol Season 9 Finale Parties so I wanted to at the very least post some of the highlights for you to enjoy! Congratulations Lee!!! I try to never make excuses for anything but in this case I have an amazing one to give you for my slight delay! I'm so absolutely and totally pregnant and Baby Bella will be here any day now on top of a schedule full of incredible meetings ( I wish I could tell you all about them but I can't, soon you'll know why though- I promise and you'll be thrilled!!!)
Season 9 was phenomenal as were all the Idol Parties and super fun promotional events we did for the show, show sponsors and our wonderful clients who have become such great friends to the Hollywood Candy Girls! Everyone absolutely flipped for our candy and dessert bars but we certainly had to out-do ourselves at the big finale party on Wednesday at LA Live. The Candy Girls wore custom American Idol Inspired outfits and guests lined up to take cute pics with the girls all night long! We had a great system down to keep everything in order all night long but I'd never share  all our secrets, I mean, I can't give away everything people! We created a fabulous 4 sided candy, dessert & cookie bar with tons of sweet surprises for everyone including : Glam Bites, Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Custom Cookies with edible sponsor images, candy, candy, candy & cotton candy too! Our bakers Kelle & Kim outdid themselves and baked their little booties off for days! We also created a super fun display for the American Idol DJ Party at elevate night club on Monday. A special shout out to our beloved Manny Guevara or Manny on the streets, host of the morning show with Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 Kiss FM! Manny is the sweetest guy we know and we loved spoiling him with our Suga' Suga!...

I promise I'll post more soon with all the details! Gotta run to a meeting.. actually waddle... yes, even on Friday, Sat & Sunday- We have meetings! Thank you God for so many blessings! Seriously!

xoxo- Jackie- " Candy Girl"

PS- This week would not have been possible without the help of the most wonderful gorgeous staff on earth! My Candy Girls, Candy Crew, Candy Husband, Candy Family, Candy Doggies- EVERYONE!!!
Chris, Jessica, Brianna, Calyse, Vanessa, Joey, Ashley, Jessica, Mom, Dad, Chloe, Chico etc...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Day I met my 1 and only.. MY OPRAH! Our fabulous event for the Oprah Winfrey Network O.W.N Staff. A Deliciously fun dessert bar & custom candy buffet bar

Hi Everyone & Hi My Oprah!!!
I personally can't believe I've waited nearly 5 days to post this blog entry on our Phenomenal event with my One and only... my OPRAH! We all have idols and people who inspire us right? Well Oprah Winfrey has long been the one person in this world who I truly hoped one day I would have the honor to meet in person. I mean c'mon- ask any member of my family what I said I wanted to be when I was little and they will tell you- a talk show host! I had my own theme song, dance and intro to my show which was called " Just Jackie" and it annoyed my brother beyond belief!  I admit it, I totally hoped I'd score tickets for one of those wild Christmas shows where Oprah gives the audience a trillion dollars in gifts and prizes and cruises and cars and I hyperventilate and pass out in her arms but in all honesty, the way I met Oprah was just perfect for me!

We received a call from a lovely Harpo staffer who was looking do something really fabulous and special for the staff at the new network Oprah is launching on 1.1.11 called OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.  We custom designed a tropical colored custom candy buffet & dessert bar with all the special bells & whistles. We had custom logos created for their gift boxes and our beyond wonderful & amazingly talented baker created some of the most beautiful cake pops and glam bite cupcakes ever! Our Hollywood Candy Girls, Brianna & Calyse had so much fun mingling with guests and serving up goodies and I nearly went into labor cracking up when the most amazing people in the room  were enjoying our treats and the girls were so busy to even realize who these people were! Such loyal, professional and hard workers my girls, and that's why I love them all so much! In reality, my girls are twenty somethings who are gorgeous and fun and should be at some amazing Hollywood Party on their Friday nights but instead, they hang with me and work and take care of my very pregnant self. That's loyalty! And I LOVE Loyalty!

So my personal Oprah moment went something like this... We are frantically setting up and serving in this beautiful room where guests were mingling and watching as we create our Sweet Paradise for them and the pressure was so ON! I look up and see Oprah's best friend Gail and I think to myself  " OMG- Hey Gail- I hope my lips are perfectly pink and covered in my favorite gloss ( it's kind of my signature) and I look OK being soooo pregnant knowing my Dr. just told me I could literally go into labor any second and I should NOT be working. Then all of the sudden someone behind me says " Wow, look at all this candy! This looks Great!" I turn around to acknowledge who ever said this and I say  "Thanks so much, that's so nice of you" and... IT'S OPRAH! In my face, eye to eye, I could smell her ( she smelled amazing, her make-up was perfection, her skin- just flawless and she gave me the nicest and warmest smile) She looks down at my belly bump that no one can miss these days and puts both hands on my tummy and pats it and says, " WOAH! Hey Little Mommy!"  I almost D*I*E*D! She called me little! Clearly, she was just being her caring & sweet self. The funny thing is that we do so many wonderful high profile events and work with really fabulous people and we always keep it professional and know that celebrities are really just like the rest of us and usually really nice and lovely people too. But meeting Oprah took my breath away, my eyes filled with tears and she blessed my baby who I have always known was going to be amazing but PLEASE- she has been Oprahfied, blessed by this amazing woman and we are now all forever connected! I have always been a big believer in believing in things so much so that they become a reality and it worked! I met her and it was amazing. Now if I could only score a show on her new network! I'm entertaining and our business is awesome & fun! Let's see if this "Secret" thing really works. I believe in it but if this happened then I'd just die and REALLY believe in it too! 

Enjoy the photos of this fantastic event & opportunity and always remember- the skies the limit!

Jackie " Candy Girl"

PS- Miss OPRAH! I live for you! When and if you read this post just know, I am very seriously contemplating changing the name of my baby from Isabella Calyse ( named after one of my sweetest candy girls) to Isabella Oprah.. My mom Say's I should totally do it. we'll see... ;-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Heart Warming Thank you letter from Senior Carey Huss of Edison High School Huntington Beach- CIBACS Banquet & Red Carpet Candy

Hi Guys,
Every now and then I receive a very special thank you letter that I feel I MUST share with our blog readers and this one was definitely one of them. Our wonderful friend Ms. Vanessa Rockafellow- catering manager and overall, an amazing & lovely woman at the Waterfront Hilton Beach Resort Huntington Beach called us in to assist her client Carey Huss with her fun candy display themed "Red Carpet Candy" for a banquet she was coordinating herself! Carey is a Senior at Edison High School and president of the CIBACS program ( Center for international business and communication studies) CIBACS is a unique program that offers its students an enriched and integrated curriculum that is enhanced through competitive projects, job shadowing, and internships with business partners. Anyhow, Carey sent me the most heart-warming email that really touched me and reminded me to never stop inspiring others, especially young girls to be bold and brave and follow their dreams. I say it all the time, " If you are willing to do the work , you can see the big picture and can keep on picking yourself up when you fall... anything is possible" Even becoming the Queen of Candy! ;-)

Jackie " Candy Girl"

Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 17:10:33 -0700

Subject: Thank You

Hi Jackie,
I want to say thank you for setting up the amazing candy bar!!! It was a huge success and everyone loved it even the parents. But the night would not have been as good if your amazing sweets were not there so thank you so much for willing to do my banquet last night and putting up with my crazy mom on wanting to eat all the candy before you put it out. Your story on how you became successful was so inspiring and allowed me to see that if i have the determination i can reach my dream. It was great to hear and put a fire in my dream to start off. I am so excited for you on Friday its not a big deal its huge... its OPRAH like bigger than the president :) but it will be so much fun and i will have my fingers cross that Bella does not want to be born that day. Thanks for offering me a job in the future and the advice that you gave me, i might take you up on that job offer or at least come intern with you and we can work from there.
You helped me so much with my banquet and thanks for all that you did.
-Carey Huss

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mimi's Glam Pink, Black, White Damask Baby Shower Candy Buffet Bar, Custom Cupcakes & Favors- Hollywood Hills, Ca 5-2-10

Our Super Gorgeous Client Actress & Model Miss Mimi Jackobson celebrated the up-coming arrival of baby Ella with a FAB Baby Shower Custom Candy Buffet Bar & Dessert Bar. Her friends & family ( who were some super duper fabulous people!!) loved their special dessert table with yummy candy & cupcakes. Mimi's colors were a very glam hot pink, black and white or damask print and we set up her fun display on a vintage bar in her lovely home. Mimi had our custom cupcakes- Glam Bites in Hot Pink and old school hostess mini's to sweeten everyone up. It was truly a perfect day in the Hollywood Hills to celebrate this beautiful baby girl who will be arriving in just weeks! She is lucky to have such a cool & fun mommy too!

We wish Mimi a wonderful delivery and send her little princess lot's of X & O's!

Jackie " Candy Girl"

Stacey's Sweet Pink Baby Shower Brunch & Custom Candy Buffet Bar - The Resort at Pelican Hill 5-2-10

Stacey's lovely mom Janice wanted to surprise her daughter with a very special sweet treat for her baby shower. Stacey loves candy & rice cripsy treats so mom had us come in and create something girly, glam, sparkly and fun to celebrate her daughter and the baby girl on the way! Stacey had a beautiful baby shower brunch at one of our favorite venues- The Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport Coast California. We know Stacey had a fantastic day and Mom sent us such a sweet email after the event. We are so lucky to be a a special part of so many special occasions! 

We wish the Sekella family all the best!
 xoxo- Jackie " Candy Girl"  & The Candy Crew

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