Monday, November 15, 2010

Hollywood Candy Girls & Bravo's Launch My Line Roberto Devillacis Haute Couture Launch & Our Custom RDV Candy Buffet Bling Bar, Blue Cake Pops, Glam Bite Cupcakes, Cotton Candytini's. Bel Air, Ca

Newest Fab Celeb Friend To The Hollywood Candy Girls & Bravo Star of Launch My Line Mr. Roberto Devillacis had a fabulous fashion show & Sunday Brunch at The Hacienda St. Pierre in Bel Air, Ca. His newest collection- Haute Couture For The Arts was a stunning display of this mans fashion genius. Roberto's collection was phenomenally glamorous to say the least. The day was spectacular and guests dove right into the custom candy buffet bar & dessert bar that featured our favorite goodies, cake pops, cupcakes, custom signs, custom candied popcorn and glam touches! Fabulous Hollywood Candy Girls Vanessa & Bree were dressed in some of Roberto's fashions & cute top hats. Eye Candy Boy Joey was a huge hit ( with the ladies, of course! Why Lie, some boys too ) We love our clients and Roberto was particularly fabulous- Our favorite Rebertoism- " I know I'm dramatic but I was born on a Volcano" LOVE That! We also love all things dog and the event had so many perfectly petite pooches roaming around in more of Roberto's Haute Couture Puppy Fashions! ONLY IN LA FOLKS! And we Love It! Another fantabulous event for team CCBB and Candy Motha is proud of us all! Signing off at 12:37 am Monday morning!

 xoxo- Candy Girl!


jorge sorkin said...

It a symphony of Colors. Nice people, nice places. CoolĂ­simo!!!

Jackie Sorkin- Event Designer/ Wedding Planner said...

Thanks Dad! Love you!

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