Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MASSIVELY ANNOYED ALERT! I need to get something off my chest.. again!

You know party people, I find myself in a highly annoyed state of mind today. You all know how much my team and I work and not just work like once in a while or a little project here and there. It's a non stop 24-7 day and I am relentless. I don't stop, I don't ever give up and I believe that true success only happens to those who go through a million failures and learn a hard lesson from each and every single one. You don't know how many times I heard : NO thanks, not interested, your ideas sound crazy or how about just a big fat phone being hung up in your face! It's Ok, don't feel bad it's just a reality of being in business and I happen to have exceptionally thick skin that I have developed over the years. I never cared if people said I was nuts, thought I was over the top or said I live in a magical world where people are creative, silly and quite colorful! You know how they say some people march to the beat of their own drum? Well, I have always marched to the beat of my very own magnificent marching band who play glittered,bedazzled instruments, wear hot pink wigs and zebra fur coats and several of my band members happen to be drag queens and some very flamboyant people and I friggin' LOVE IT! Also, the songs my band play all happen to come from Wham, Abba, The Pointer Sisters and the great Miley Cyrus. My magnificent marching band is also supported by a drill team & color guard who wear tacky sequined unitards and we've even got a bunch of very talented members who play the symbols, tamborines and jingle bells. No one is ever left out in my band!

Once again, I have gone off and not made my point yet. So here is the point to this blog post! I find it absolutely and beyond ridiculous how many emails I get from people who ask me if " I wouldn't mind" sharing all my business information with them. You know like vendors, suppliers, designers, photos, website content, recipes, my social security number, eye color, height & weight, my favorite brand of tissue paper & what brand of shampoo I use etc.. You get my point right? I totally get it, what we do seems pretty cool and fun but what baffles my mind is how quickly people forget what it takes to invest everything you've got and I mean time, energy, a ton of money and effort into a business.

So let me share this with you guys since I am pretty much an open book with you all!
I have an amazing idea! How about I call Coca Cola on the telephone tomorrow morning and say, "Hey there Coca Cola, I just love your Soda, I love how it looks, how you market it, how you design your Coca Cola displays in stores, the design of your Coca Cola can and even your trademarked Coca Cola logos. I know you have worked so hard to build your business and brand Coca Cola but would you mind giving me your super secret Coca Cola Recipe too,  I'd love to make my own Coca Cola and start selling it just like you do!"Hmm.. I wonder how Coca Cola would feel about this? I'm guessing that their response would perhaps be to simply look into the telephone and say "Candy Girl! Are You For Real?" Click! And then I'd sit there completely baffled batting my eyelashes with a confused look on my face and ask myself " Did I do or say something wrong?" Duhhhhh!

You see,  Those who know me personally know that I'm an incredibly selfless and giving person and have been this way my whole life. I love doing as much as I can for others, helping people who are sincere and giving advice to those who ask but just know, there is also a limit to everything. Don't you agree? If I am being irrational I'm sure you guys will let me know like you always do but I simply had to blog this off my brain so I could get my 2 hrs of sleep tonight!

Anyhow, I wish everyone great success in all their endeavors, peace, love & candy too!

XoXo- Candy Girl

PS-  So Since we're on the topic of being soooo annoyed here I thought you guys might enjoy these blasts from the past! C'mon now, nothing was more annoying then Screech, Steve Urkel, Jan Brady & Kimmie Gibbler! UGH-Noying to the 1000th power!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby Bella Boo Update- Look at how the Heiress to the candy empire is growing!

She's almost 6 months! Can you believe it party people!!! We are so grateful to have our mini candy girl in training in our lives. She is so loved and so delicious that we have to hold back from squeezing her too tight! She has worked herself into our crazy lives perfectly and she has no issues with diaper changes in random places. She's so fun & easy going, we love that!  She's already begun working in the candy factory, vacationing with grandma & grandpa, she types 4 letters per minute and she has mastered texting & faxing & skyping! We love her and her beautiful head of soft silky hair too which is just perfect for giant hair bows! Can you believe we're even getting special requests from our clients who are requesting that " The Heiress to the candy empire" make a special guest appearance at their events! We love that our clients are as silly as us, they so get us!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Bakalicious Baker Kelle Cake Pops Rocked Her Pumpkin Spice & Maple Cream Cheese Cakes This Year!

Sometimes people think we just do candy and we often have to share with them that we basically do anything deliciously sweet! Check out what our super bakalicious baker Kelle Cake Pops does in her down time.. Rest? No way, we work & make people happy by spreading our sugary love all around town. Her custom thanksgiving cakes were a massive hit this year! Pumpkin Spice & Maple Cream Cheese Frosting. She created the decorative mini pumpkins by hand! So much talent in such a cute lil' body should be illegal!

We are grateful for everything, everyone, every person, place & thing!

XoXo- Candy Girls

Warning!!! You are going to laugh hysterically! We kinda feel bad about being in the Candy Biz after watching this lil' guy!

This video makes us laugh until it hurts, it also brings back childhood memories and we gotta admit.. We kinda feel bad for being in the candy business after watching too! Thank goodness there is that famous saying,   "Everything in moderation" Wherever this little boy is today, we send you a giant juicy hug and one sugar -free lollipop! Just one!
XoXo- Candy Girls

Sometimes Candy Land Has it's Obstacles Too! Right Now We Need Prayers

Hey Candy Family, Friends & Fans,
We certainly hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday with loved ones. As many of you know I like to live by the motto of "always keep it real." As much as I struggled with blogging about this, if I am going to remain true to who I am, how I write, how I share our lives with you on my blog and how we live then this needs to be said. Remember my dad Jorge, I blog about him every now and then because he is so fantastic, so fabulously fun and such a wonderful man, father, husband, friend & grandpa to little Isabella ( The Heiress To The Candy Empire) Well, my dad Jorge is battling cancer.. again. It's not easy and as a family we are experiencing a cyclone of emotions but the one which is the most powerful is our ability to fight and to win! I know that potentially thousands of people may see this post and whatever you believe in, however you believe in it, however you pray, whatever your faith is, whom ever you look to when you need strength & courage, could you PLEASE take just a single moment to ask God for my dads health & wellness. Even if you just say,

"Dear Heavenly Father I ask you to heal Jorge's body, to take away all traces of cancer, to restore his body to complete health, give him strength, peace & grace during this challenging time. I pray that you bless and guide Jorge's doctors and nurses and all those whom you have called to study and practice the arts of healing the sick and the prevention of disease and pain. "-Amen

I was raised by incredible parents who taught me to love everyone and everything and although spirituality & religion can be very personal things for many, I just ask that if you have a moment and if you believe like I do, do this for me & my family. "Ask and you shall receive " I'm asking and I know the man up-stairs is listening. He's always listening. Thanks guys.

Wishing everyone health, peace & love always...

Love you guys & thank you again my friends.
XoXo- Jackie "Candy Girl"

                               Thankful for family- even one's like ours that can be a little Wacky or A lot!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Heart Kailyn! She is a Candy Girl & CEO And She Can't Even Drive Yet!!!

I stumbled upon this video after seeing an episode of this great show I support called Biz Kids. They also have a website called www.bizkids.com. Kailyn reminds me a lot of well.. Me. When I was little I dreamt of creating  & running my very own business that would be something unique and cool and fabulously fun. I'll also admit that when I was 13 years old one of my best friends Heather and I thought we had developed something amazing when we started writing a business plan for our newest venture, a restaurant called" 101 ways to eat chicken" Sadly, this business venture never quite came to fruition due to the fact that we ran out of ways to make chicken and we could only come up with 20 or so. The point is, we tried and today we both work hard, we have lots to be proud of and plenty to be thankful for. I love seeing how savvy the next generation of kids are! You GO Kailyn, and you rock that candy biz!
XoXo- Candy Girl

We Hear Wedding Bells! Congratulations to Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo- Your Engaged!!!

Congratulations to Nick Lachey & The Beautiful Vanessa Minnillo who announced their engagement last week!  We wish you a wonderful start to the holiday season and are simply thrilled for you both! Enjoy the HPNOTIQ- Baubles, Bubbles & Blue Custom Candy Gift Basket Our Candy Girls Created just for YOU! Have a happy  thanksgiving in Cincinnati guys, stay warm!

XoXo- Hollywood Candy Girls

To Read about the sweet details on their engagement click the link below to read the People article below!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Milo's Superfantabulous 21st Birthday Bash- Premier Night Club Hollywood- A Kind Of Naughty Candy Buffet Bar!

Hey Party People! Another superfantabulous birthday bash to report!!!

Mel's super sweet son, Milo celebrated his 21st Birthday Bash in true Hollywood Style. Held at the fabulous Premier Night Club this fantabulous event was produced by the Wickedly talented John Hildebrand of Sicky Dicky Productions. Our fantastic team designed a custom colorful naughty candy buffet bar, custom Milo 21 cookies , glam bite cupcakes and event that ridiculously awesome cake that we called- Milo's Playground! Thanks for an amazing night! Another fabulously fun event for team CCBB! 

PS- In La-la Land sometimes clients like things to be just a little naughty and who are we to judge? We make candy dreams come true... All Kinds of Them!
XoXo- Candy Girls

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hollywood Candy Girls & Bravo's Launch My Line Roberto Devillacis Haute Couture Launch & Our Custom RDV Candy Buffet Bling Bar, Blue Cake Pops, Glam Bite Cupcakes, Cotton Candytini's. Bel Air, Ca

Newest Fab Celeb Friend To The Hollywood Candy Girls & Bravo Star of Launch My Line Mr. Roberto Devillacis had a fabulous fashion show & Sunday Brunch at The Hacienda St. Pierre in Bel Air, Ca. His newest collection- Haute Couture For The Arts was a stunning display of this mans fashion genius. Roberto's collection was phenomenally glamorous to say the least. The day was spectacular and guests dove right into the custom candy buffet bar & dessert bar that featured our favorite goodies, cake pops, cupcakes, custom signs, custom candied popcorn and glam touches! Fabulous Hollywood Candy Girls Vanessa & Bree were dressed in some of Roberto's fashions & cute top hats. Eye Candy Boy Joey was a huge hit ( with the ladies, of course! Why Lie, some boys too ) We love our clients and Roberto was particularly fabulous- Our favorite Rebertoism- " I know I'm dramatic but I was born on a Volcano" LOVE That! We also love all things dog and the event had so many perfectly petite pooches roaming around in more of Roberto's Haute Couture Puppy Fashions! ONLY IN LA FOLKS! And we Love It! Another fantabulous event for team CCBB and Candy Motha is proud of us all! Signing off at 12:37 am Monday morning!

 xoxo- Candy Girl!

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