Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candy, please don't hate me but... I'm having an affair with STILA Cosmetics! So gorgeous & fabulous and I'm in LalaLOVE!


I have to do it, I can't go on living like this. I just want everyone to know how I feel about you and I can't go on holding this all in any longer. I know that Candy may be a little hurt by this news or even a little jealous of our relationship but it just has to be said. I love you STILA, I love how you make me feel and you literally have transformed me into a more glammed up version of myself and because of that, I feel AMAZING! Thank you STILA, I'll never leave you, EVER! ( Brand loyalty baby!)

Candy Girl

Today I had one of the most fabulously fun meetings eva! I had the opportunity to sit down with the  absolutely gorgeous & lovely team at my most favorite cosmetic company, STILA Cosmetics! I felt like I was entering the gates of heaven when the elevator doors opened onto their floor! As I've posted before, the candy girls and I LalaLOVE our STILA make-up and simply can't get enough. Seriously though, their fall product line is insanely fantastic and the holiday items and gift ideas on their website (www.stilacosmetics.com) make it so easy on me to do my shopping. The brush set essentials for $28 is such a crazy good deal and awesome stocking stuffer. Everyone on my holiday shopping list is getting one of those for sure! So with all this said, I wanted you guys to know that I decided to be brave and wear a lipgloss color that I NEVER have dared to try- A Shade of Red. I love the long wear liquid lip color in fiery! It's so very va-va-va-voom! Whatayathink? Thank you Sam, Jen, Melissa, Kara & Lindsey! You girls are so fun, so smart & sooooo Candyliciously Delicious!!!



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