Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Isabella, You Can Have WHATEVER YOU WANT! No Questions Asked, Love Mommy

A Super Fun & Fab Friend & Facebook Fan of Ours Posted this funny video today and I had to share it with you guys. My stomach twisted in a knot as I watched and I had visions of my little precious Isabella doing this to me one day. From this day forward, you can have whatever you want kid! 

Mommy Loves You & Again... Will Give You WHATEVER YOU WANT!  You Own Me!

Thanks Tammy Of Milk & Cookeez ( 
You are a silly, fun chicky baby and we love that!


Tammy said...

DarnIT-aren't you the BEST!
Thanks for the shout :)
My cheeks hurt from watching that video, it was better than coffee this morning!
(My Son would soooo do this to me-and not bat an eye!)
(Im laughing just thinking about it again.)
Toodles & thanks again!

Kristy - Posh Pixels Design Studio said...

Omggg that is hilarious! Love that kid! lmao!

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