Friday, October 29, 2010


CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE HOLLYWOOD CANDY GIRLS! They ran off to VEGAS again & On Halloween Weekend! And just to taunt their candy mother, they posted this pic 4 me today and sent me a texty as I was frantically working! You girls are so busted when you get back home! No C-A-N-D-Y 4 U for An Entire Week! You'll be cleaning buckets of candy necklaces1 at a time when I see you again! And I know eye candy boy Joey is with you too and he’ll be joining you!

 XoXo- Candy Motha!

PS- So since your there already.. have a blast, be good, don't talk to strangers, get rid of all Ughhh-noying stage 5 clingers,dance until 5am, always say yes to gambling with other people's money, go visit the Sugar Factory and bring me & the baby one of  those blinged out lollipops and text me as soon as your back safe and tell Chuck the pit boss at the Palms, candy girl says hiiiiiiii Chucky Baby! I was once really cool too ya know! Ughhh, to be young & beautiful…

XoXo- Your Candy Motha

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Livin' La Vida Candy! Even The Dogs Are In On It! We Own it, work it, live it, love it

Chico The Candy Corn & Neighborhood Playboy
Chloe, Simply Does NOT appreciate Halloween
Seriously Mother! Green witches are so last year

Think PINK! A Cancer Story You Should Read- Our Spooktacularly Zebrafied Breast Cancer Awareness Event & Custom Candy Buffet & Mini Donut Dessert Bar!

Hi Party People, PINK Girls, Cancer Survivors and those of you who are fighting the good fight and being as courages as you possibly can be. We stand with you, we fight with you, we support the cause to find a cure for YOU. I admit, this post touches me so deeply as well as the rest my beautiful & kind candy girls and as I type, I have a huge lump in my throat, I try to hold back tears and know that by the end of this post they will be running down my face and that's OK. The truth is, I am an insanely sensitive girl who masks it with jokes, being tremendously self deprecating, kinda funny and sarcastic. As I have said before, Cancer is no joke and I know first hand what it feels like to watch someone you love battle this disease with all their strength and all their might! I know what it feels like the moment you hear someone you love say, "I have cancer" and I know that from that very moment in time, your life changes in an instant and the ridiculous things that once mattered to you mean nothing as you fall to your knees and begin to beg and plead with GOD to please fix everything now. We are taught not to hate anyone in the world but I do hate you Cancer. I really hate you even more then I hate getting on the scale. Actually, I can't stand you and I'd love to make you disappear ( mafia style).

I watched my dad battle cancer so bravely and so valiantly and he handled the scariest time in our families history with so much courage and so much calm. He is a survivor and although his surgery scar fades more and more each day, I'll never forget what we went through, how we prayed, how we loved and how we lived. We spent Thanksgiving day in the hospital that year as my dad recovered and his body had needles and tubes all over it. I of course, had to add stress to the day by sneaking in our new puppy Chloe into the hospital in my sweater. My mom was so pissed at me! Remember the spanish accent ( Ayyy, Yacky, Gwy yew bring dat dog into de hospital? Yew gonna be en biiiig troble! De dog don't have no chots yet)  Listen, growing up in a house full of dog lovers, I figured that the puppy would be therapeutic for my dad. Ok, so I was wrong that time.

 My family & my friends are my world and being the workaholic and ambitious girl that I am, I sit here (now fully in a puddle of mascara filled tears and snot) and I remember that every single day of life is a gift and we should use it to empower, inspire and ignite others and ourselves to do good things and live with purpose. My cancer experience was by far the scariest time in my life and although we don't really discuss and re-live my dads experience too often due to him being so incredibly positive and choosing to look forward rather then ever looking back, I often remember and continue to live through the pain of watching some of my best friends lose their parents to this disease. So for them and everyone,  I choose to be public about my experience in the hopes that I may connect or relate or simply share with someone else who needs to hear this. My dad has been clean of cancer for over 2 years now and I am simply... grateful.

Here's to finding a cure.

XoXo- Candy Girl


We were honored when we were called in to create a fabulous Think PINK event for Cancer Awareness. My work is important to me but the work we can do as people is even greater so no need for a silly post or description of the event this time. The photos will do their job and I'll just say, I am privileged to have been a part of this day.
Cancer Survivor, My Dad Jorge in his customary "Tennis Anyone" Sweater
 holding his first grand child ( in silly hat) my daughter, Isabella

A Very Important Fact Regarding Doing Business With The Hollywood Candy Girls

Well Duhhh.. Our clients are kind of like the most MAJOR people, places & things and we're kind of a big deal so you know.. we gotta go big or go home! Love you Insurance provider, you allow all our beloved clients and us candy girls to sleep really well at night on our big fluffy pink pillows!

XoXo- The 100% Licensed, Bonded & Insured Candy Girls

Monday, October 25, 2010

What does it mean to Live La Vida Candy? Let Me Explain...

We Live La Vida Candy and what that means is every single chance we get to taste, touch, buy, smell, sample, create or do something with C-A-N-DY! We do it. We live it, We Love it, We Own it! And so does our little Jelly Belly, Isabella, The Heiress To The Candy Empire. Since her birth nearly 4 1/2 months ago this child has already visited over a dozen candy stores, candy factories and candy warehouses. This kids got a VIP Golden ticket, all access granted pass to some of the worlds most amazing folks in the candy industry! Such a lucky little munchkin and she's all mine!!! Buah-ah-ah-ah! Today she visited the candy store at the Grove in Hollywood and she lalaLOVED it!

xoxo- Candy Girl +1

Dear STILA, Seriously this is an epic problem! I need help & you're majorly enabling me... But, I LOVE IT!

Hi Party People,

I need help. At least I think I do but then again, maybe I don't. I have been addicted to lip gloss since the minute I even discovered lip gloss existed and this was a gazillion years ago! So what! I love it, I can't live with out it and if I were in a massive earthquake I would grab the following items and in this order, #1 My baby, #2 My husband, #3 My STILA jewel lip glaze in pink diamond collection ( also our candy girl signature color) #4 My Pups Chico & Chloe and #5 I'd grab as much of our candy as I could fit into my arms and run like hell! Or Stop, drop and roll or.. what is it we are told to do in earthquakes again??? Oh,  that's right I'd stand in a door way or get under a sturdy table. Anyhow, the point to this post is all my most beloved possessions would be with me and we'd all survive and live happily ever after...

Thank you my fabulously fun friends at STILA, We Heart U Sooooo Bad & The Hollywood Candy Girls LalaLOVED their jewel lip glaze! Thank you, Thank you!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Big Fat Cute Pumpkin. It's Fall In Laguna Beach and Life Is Good...

Today was simply an easy, breezy, beautiful day! This is the first Saturday in 4 months where I actually took the day off. We have a very special guest in town so we went for a stroll in Laguna Beach where we stumbled upon this perfectly plump pumpkin. Bella is beginning to touch and grab and explore. I'm telling you guys, this kid is turning my world upside down and I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy almost Halloween Party People!

XoXo- Candy Girl & The Heiress To The Candy Empire

Friday, October 22, 2010

UN REAL ALERT!!! HPNOTIQ, The Hollywood Candy Girls & LA Fashion Week & Kat Von D Featured on

Hey Hey Party People!!! More amazing press for THE HOLLYWOOD CANDY GIRLS!!!
I'm so absolutely proud of Team CCBB! Such a successful night for clients, designers, sponsors and our team! Mazel Tov everyone!!!
XoXo- Candy Girl

Exchange LA Fashion Show on, which has a viewership of 1,617,470. WOW!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a NIGHT! The Hollywood Candy Girls & HPNOTIQ @ LA Fashion Week & Our Over The Top Blue & Bling Custom Candy Buffet Bar & Candy Station!

Hiii  friends, fans, blog stalkers, blogabee's! Puuuhlease.. you so know who you are!
I suppose I should just write a little about this over the top event and let the photos speak for themselves. I mean, C'mon they don't call us The Hollywood Candy Girls or The PREMIER Candy Catering & Candy Buffet & Dessert Bar Company in the nation for nothin' right. Perhaps a night surrounded with celebs, models, amazingly talented people and beauty everywhere has inflated our heads just a little but we'll just admit it and tomorrow we'll deflate and be back to normal. We take things lightly, we have fun, we spread our candy love around town and are honored to have such a fabulously fun fan base that compliments & recognizes our work! Thanks guys! I have to speak for all my team at CCBB and say that working with Team HPNOTIQ & The Girls Night Out Event was insanely awesome. What a talented staff who put the P in Promotion and F in A Freakin' Fun Night! So since candy is my art and candy is my fashion, let me tell you a little about what we did for LA Fashion week and HPNOTIQ'S Girls Night Out. A 16 ft Neon Chloroplast Bar  ( These are our latest additions and investments and we LalaLOVE them more then words!) A custom candy buffet bar in HPNOTIQ aquas, blues, hints of hot pink and plenty of bling provided by HPNOTIQ- their bling bottles are so totally coveted at these events too! Kelle Cake Pops made us custom mini glam bite cupcakes, the Bernod  Group made us a rush order of insanely delicious custom colored organic caramel corn ( people flipped for this and came back for 2nd and 3rds) and of course our graphics goddess Kristy designed some fabulous custom signs that the client LalaLOVED! Custom bags & boxes, custom Hollywood Candy Girl Outfits and an amazing night was had by all! We crawled home but only because we danced the night away after serving over 600 guests our delicious C-A-N-D-Y! 

More Fashion Week Events To Come, Stay Tuned Party People!

Love Ya, Mean It , Ciao...
xoxo- Candy Girls

Candy Is Our Fashion
The Coveted Bling Bottle by HPNOTIQ

Anthony Franco's Runway Show
Custom Blue Organic Caramel Corn- YUM BABY
Custom Signs for HPNOTIQ
Bree & Pop Sensation Colby Caillat
Bree & The RAD KAT VON D

We Heart Colby Caillat
Ohhhh You Sexy Lil' Thang!
Candy Momma & Candy Daughter
Jessica & Hunter- BALLZ
Our Work- Isn't She Lovely
Our VIP room Candy Buffet Bling Bar
Candy Is So Dandy
Joey & Mean Girls Star Daniel Franzese
GORGEOUSNESS To The 10000th Power
Meet My Model- CANDY, she's really fun!

HPNOTIQ & Candy= A Match Made in Heaven
Trench Coats & Candy- A FASHION MOMENT

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