Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Candy Girls Parents Go On A European Vacation... And They Had The Wildest, Wackiest & Most Fun Time Eva!!!!


Fanny pack, check, matching outfits, check!

Yo! Where's the meatballs?

Manja, Manja..

Seriously, I get it, you really like the naked guy!
The Chachki store, I like them all...
The Argentinian Prom King & The Mexican Prom Queen

after so many years, totally obsessed with each other...still

Act your age kids!

Thanks for clearing that up dad!
I'm writing this post in honor of the 2 most wonderful people I know, my mom and dad ( Georgie & Arci) who've just returned from a fabulous 2 week vacation to Europe and traveled around like 2 newlyweds on their honeymoon. They went from Barcelona to Italy to Austria to Munich and back. My parents spent a majority of their lives working really, really hard. For 25+ years they woke up at 4:30 am and ended their days around 6pm, 6 days a week and Never complained! They are so fun & silly, still so in love and obsessed with each other ( no joke) and they have the most incredible group of  fun loving friends who they celebrate all of life's moments with, including both the good and the bad. They have such an appreciation for life and they live big and I love that. They only do things that make them happy and I love that too. My parents believe in me so much that I don't fear much of anything anymore and my mom tells me as wacky & nuts as I may be, she wouldn't trade me for anyone in the world ( aww). In the times I have failed, and there have been plenty as I am perfectly imperfect, they've told me to get over it, keep going and get to happy. ( Tough love can work) Well, I've done all that and for quite a while now I've been really happy. So mom and dad, this blog post is for you. As corny as it may seem and cliche as it sounds, I owe everything to you and all the big things that are coming up and are just around the corner, I know you'll be there still advising my to do this, not do that, say yes to this, say no to that,  and mom will still tell me my dress is too short,  tell me to sit up straight, and to wear my hair off my face in a pony tail since she likes it that way.

I love you guys and thank you for always keeping it real with me and with others. Out of the 1000+ photos my dad has emailed me from their adventures, these were totally my fava-faves...
 And one more thing, these photos truly speak volumes and I couldn't even make this stuff up if I tried.

Gratzi mamma y papa te amo ciao... ( thanks google translator)

Your daughter...

Oh and PS! And we love the all Euro Chachkis, The Apron with pictures of Italy all over it, The World Cup Hat with the really bright colors, The Beer Coaster from Austria and that Red Bread Basket will look amazing on my table if I ever once get the chance to throw a dinner party.  And totally not complaining, only suggesting, next time if you want to make it easier on yourselves you can just bring me back a little black leather Fendi (so Italiano right) 

Note! A Fendi Bag that Jackie really likes...

Dear New York City, We've been away too long prancing around LA-LA Land but I'll be back in no time... I Miss U! XoXo

As I sit here working on schedules and picking out more cute outfits for the girls.. It just hit me, I miss you New York City. I miss you so bad beautiful. You taught me so much about life, business, people and you gave me perspective and opened my mind. You taught me to love and embrace all people, all religions, and all beliefs... Thank you New York City, I'll see you real soon.

PS- Now please watch this video and put 1 hand up in the air for the big city...

xoxo, Candy Girl

Inspire, Ignite, Imagine, Gladys Magazine Presents The Inspirational Issue- Hollywood

Inspire Ignite Imagine 

Gladys Magazine Celebrates “The Inspirational Issue"
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Philppe chinese cuisine by Philippe Chow
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Thursday October 7, 2010
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Enjoy cocktails and networking with
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Today I realized... I'm Perfectly Imperfect and so what!

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"
- Sam Keen

"The only nice thing about being imperfect, is the joy it brings to others"
- Doug Larson

"Perfection requires the end of purpose. Life without purpose is imperfect"
 - Anonymous

" Today I realized, I'm perfectly imperfect and so what!" 
- Candy Girl

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Fave Product Of The Moment! Mariah Carey's Newest Fragrance, Lollipop Bling

Mariah Carey has done it again and this time she is after our own hearts. Really Mariah, Lollipop Bling! Please tell me you did this for your favorite Hollywood Candy Girls! We're looking forward to receiving our Lollipop Bling package and can't wait to test your yummy scents! Like your voice, we are sure it will be flawless, one of a kind and perfectly Mariah! You had us at, "Hey Candy Girls!" but seriously, we love the ads, love the song, love YOU!

Mimi, we wish you only your favorite things.. Peace, Love & Candy

XoXo- The Girls...

Bean is Getting Married! A fabulous Bridal Shower Custom Candy Buffet Bar @ The Waterfront Hilton Beach Resort

WHO KNEW! Fun Facts about the wacky world of Candy!Turns out American's LOVE Candy more then anyone! Duhhh...

A fun Who Knew Video On Fun Candy Facts!
Thanks to our most wonderful, hard working, awesome assistant of the year.. Jessica! She sent me this link! Enjoy Candy Fans!

Britneymania on GLEE! This post is an obsession confession for my Candy Girls who have been absolutely bonkers-banana's obsessed with Britney Spears since they were little teeny tiny toned & tanned baby candy girls!

This is a special post for my 6 lil' candy mama's who absolutely live & breath for the super talented pop princess Miss Britney Spears! The girls have a rather un-healthy obsession with Miss. Spears and I would relate it to my un-helathy obsession with WHAM & George Michael ( see post- Well, the candy girls simply love Britney Spears so much that they dress like her on Halloween, they wear her perfume, follow her concert tours around the country and whenever she is performing in Las Vegas they jump on the first plane, train or automobile that's available and they dash off to see her! Bree just told me how on one of their last trips they met Britney's body guard in Vegas and he was so sweet and gave the girls FRONT ROW TICKETS to her concert, they got to sit on big plush comfy couches and they were so close to Britney I don't know how they controlled themselves enough to not jump right on stage and hug her! After the concert they got to go back stage and they met Britney's dad Jaime who was so nice to them!The candy girls know every single Britney song, every video and every dance move. Their one and only wish is that we get to do candy for her beautiful boys birthdays Sean Preston & Jayden James. I'm working on it girls.. hopefully it will happen soon! I always deliver and you know it! Anyhow, since Britney just caused GLEE Mania by appearing on the show, I figured I would write this post just for my girls and celebrate their love for Miss. Spears!

And PS- I went to High School with GLEE star Matthew Morrison, who plays Glee coach,Will Schuester and I am so happy for Matt's massive success! When I lived in New York City, I went to see him on Broadway a few times when he starred in Hair Spray and a couple other fantastic shows. Matt is a super talented guy and a friend to all, he is as sweet in person as he is on the show.

XoXo- Candy Girl

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's STOP waiting for Superman-Life is Not Always Lollipops & Gum Drops- Take Action Now & Do it for every child in every school in every city- PLEASE!

I know it's rare for me to post anything other then funny, silly & sweet things about candy or my business but sometimes you have to stand for something other then yourself and today I am doing just that. This simply has to be said, has to be discussed and HAS to be resolved! The state of our schools are in jeopardy and I admit that perhaps I care more now because I am a new mother  but nevertheless, I CARE and I care in a very BIG way. Of course I love my child more then words and I want only the best for her but I also love all children in general and think EVERY SINGLE child in America deserves to have a great education, deserves to go to college if they wish and deserves a fair shot at life. Period! So with that being said, I am using my voice and any influence I may have to get others to get of their asses and do something NOW! This may be the first time in your life that you feel compelled to act, it's my first time and I admit it. Kids need grown ups to be their voice sometimes, so I beg you-Do Something NOW! Do it for my kid, your kid, your neighbors kid, your future kids and even if you don't have kids or never even want them, do it because it's the right thing to do! No child deserves to be left behind.  I am getting off my soap box now and I thank you for listening.

Fixing America's public education system won't be easy -- but together, it's possible.

Click on the link above or enter it in your browser, find your state and send the letter to your State Governor, it will take you less then 1 minute and you'll be heard.
The Waiting for "Superman" social action campaign has one primary goal: to ensure that every child receives a great education. The campaign seeks to build public awareness, ignite personal involvement and inspire real social change.
The campaign's four core initiatives are:
  • Setting academic standards that are on par with the world's best
  • Recruiting and rewarding great teachers
  • Creating and nurturing excellent schools, and
  • Increasing literacy rates
The following pages are your toolkit for educational reform. Learn more about the Waiting For "Superman" initiatives below, and find ways to take action with our "Help Your School" and "Fix the System" tips throughout this site. Help our students get the quality education they deserve. Our country's future depends on it.
And every child deserves a great education.
This moves me to tears, if it moves you too- DO SOMETHING, Don't just sit there and cry about it!

My Kid Deserves it & So Does YOURS!

Hotel Maya Wedding On The Water... An Out-Door Candy General Store in Purple & Green Jewel Tones

Look Out For Our Cute Vehicles.. The Hollywood Candy Girls, Coming Soon To A Freeway Near You!

We simply had to do it! We really had a hard time deciding on wether we would do the whole advertising on a vehicle thing.  We had only 1 request, make our stuff look cute & and fun we're soooo in and we think this turned out just like we had hoped it would. Thank you to our Graphics Goddess & Pixel Princess Kristy @ she totally gets us & our candy style...

And PS- If you ever see one of our vehicles pulled over and one of us candy girls is being written yet another citation for slightly speeding, well... make sure you honk and say hiiiiii and just know we only slightly speed from event to event because we are sticklers for punctuality however, we NEVER EVER text while driving because we proudly signed our friend OPRAH'S No phone zone pledge and we think everyone on planet earth should do the same!


Candy Girls

It's a Beautiful Baby Boy!!! A fabulous dessert bar of sweets & treats galore...

Dear Kelle Cake Pops,

Why are you so rad & talented? Why? Because GOD made you that way silly! Duhhh! Everything you do is so cute and yummy just like YOU! This baby shower dessert bar was so sweet and your candy flowers look amazing. I don't even want to know how long they took to you to make and knowing you, you probably made each and every single one of them by hand, didn't you?  I love that you work really, really hard and never complain about it, you're not a spoiled brat and you appreciate every single job and opportunity that comes your way too. Just like me!

Keep Baking your pants off.. People are definitely buzzing about you, starting with ME!

XoXo- Your Biggest Fan!

Emily's Sweet 16 Birthday Party- Spirit of Newport Beach Yacht Charters, A Caribbean Cool Candy Vibe.. Ya' Mon

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