Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shower Flowers Designed & Provided by the Spectacularly talented Darrell & The Staff At Standing Ovation Flower Gallery- Los Alamitos, Ca

And the shower flowers will be created by the beyond FABULOUS.... Drum Roll Please................................ STANDING OVATION FLOWER GALLERY- Los Alamitos, Ca!!! 

The photos will speak for themselves...


Monday, March 29, 2010

Flor & Shae's Wedding! Black, Silver, White Custom Candy Buffet, Candy Station & 12ft Long Dessert Bar! The Sweets Never Ended...

Flor & Shae held their wedding at the University Club at UCI. This stunning and ever so sweet bride was so excited about her 12ft long Candy Station & Dessert Bar. She had all kinds of delicious candy, chocolate covered oreos and ding dong hostess cupcakes too- The couples Favorites! Everything was beyond Cute! Flor was literally one of the Sweetest brides we've ever worked with! We are so happy to have had the chance to meet her & Shae!

All the best guys!

Best Quote I ever Heard!!! XoXo - Your Favorite Candy Girl

I have to share this quote with you today- Words I strongly try and live by.

"You will truly become a Success in Life when you can give away everything you've got and learn to rise up others."

Every business has it's competition and competitors right? That's normal. Most people are threatened by a competitor, they hold onto their trade secrets for dear life and never want to give away any information regarding what they do or how they do what they do. I agree, it would be dumb to share 100% of your business's success secrets with everyone but I also think when you are truly confident in what you do and do it very well, you no longer have to be so worried about what the next guy is doing or trying to do.

I embrace my competition becuase I honestly feel they make me better. I am a VERY competitive person by nature and I admit that. I always want to win, failure is not an option and In the world of candy- I want to be the one of the Best! You can't win 100% of the clients but I'll take a solid 95% ;-). I like succeeding but surprisingly, I also like watching others succeeding in the game of life too! It makes me feel good and I'm happy when great things happen for other people too!

So what are the secrets? Work Hard ( and I mean really hard if you want spectacular results), be appreciative always, treat clients like they are the most priceless gems on earth, when you fail- don't dwell on it- simply keep moving forward, don't ever get too arrogant, know what you are and what you are not, if you believe in it- NEVER give up on it. Be prepared to be judged by others and know who you really are always ( this applies to many areas of life and not just business), And if it helps get over the judgements, you can keep it old school and take it back to the 5th grade, cross your arms, roll your eyes and say " You're just jealous!" Perhaps it's not true but you''ll momentarily feel better anyway! ;-) Be innovative & always Keep It Real!

That Felt Good To Share With Everyone Today!

Jackie- "Candy Girl"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Rewarding Afternoon with the Los Angeles Girl Scouts- A Super fun, Self-Esteem & Hip Hop Workshop 3-26-2010

I had the most rewarding afternoon today with several Girl Scout troops from Los Angeles. I know, I admit it, I juggle way to many projects at once, my plate is always full and my schedule is sometimes too over-loaded for any one person to handle. I also completely admit that living in this sort or organized chaos is something I love. I simply like always being busy and have found that when I am not, I'm not as happy and feel like I'm wasting time. This may have something to do with having lived in NYC. I was always on the go-go-go there and always felt pressured to do things faster, better & smarter. I think there are many people out there who can relate to this. Although many of us will find ourselves flying through our lives I have come to realize that some things are simply a must do! And often times these are the things that have no price tag or don't fulfill any of our selfish wants. Basically, I think that it's hugely important to do things for others and give, give, give when you can. Give your time to a cause, lend a hand to an organization in need or volunteer. Not everything we do must have a dollar sign attached to it. No matter what I accomplish, there is really no other feeling that can compare to how I feel when I teach or lead a workshop for the Girl Scouts. All of my programs are self-esteem based and focus on empowering young women to be smart, savvy & confident. I have worked with thousands of Girl Scouts from L.A. to NYC and have also become an event planner for several of their major annual events. This is another facet to my life which I felt like sharing with my readers today and also goes to show you- be anything and anyone you want to be! Do what's right for you and do good for others. I know it may sound cliche and corny but the rewards you simply can't explain until you feel them for yourself. Enjoy the pics of our fun day!

Do Something Good For Someone Else Today!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspiration Photos- Baby Bella's Fabulous Baby Shower - Thanks to our incredible friends and the very talented team at Vini's Party Rentals!!!

The excitement is building for Bella's Big Day and all the pieces are finally coming together! Normally one would sit through many meetings & consultations to come up with a vision for their event design but between everything going on in our crazy candy life and our jam-packed calendar of scheduled events on top of new events being booked daily, We simply Have No TIME! I used to love this quote " There are 24 workable hrs in a day" But  at this point in our lives- I need more Hrs & more Days! Don't even get me started on how neglected our friends & family and even our dogs have been! A growing business is a huge blessing in todays economic climate- so whoever is listening- I am so NOT complaining and I'm very thankful. So back to the planning of Bella's Big Day- Thank God I have the incredibly talented and responsive team at Vini's Party Rental to take over the task of making things look pretty and giving our guests comfortable chairs and tables and lounge pieces to sit on. They have an incredible selection of every type of rental needed for any size event. They are my go-to vendor always. They are widely known in Los Angeles, The South Bay and Orange County. What I love about them is the service! Nayma Bran is my event coordinator and owner and she's very in-tune with new trends- event designs and what's Hot! I love people who can think outside of the box and also get excited about doing something new- over the top & fabulous! I literally book events with clients and simply ask her to take-over. It's great having resources like this- you save so much time & energy. I'm a big believer in letting the pro's do their jobs. Nayma- came up with my event design- my colors- my everything! I highly, highly recommend giving her a call weather you simply need 100 chairs & tables for your next event or a complete event over-haul with all the bells & whistles...  We'll be posting all the photos of the event once it takes place- stay tuned! 

Keep it Sweet!
Jackie & Baby Bella

Nayma Bran | Event Coordinator
Vini's Party Rentals
p (310) 527-6632 | f (310) 527-2851
1617 W.  Rosecrans Ave., Gardena, CA

Our 1 and ONLY Choice for event rentals in Los Angeles! Fabulous luxe linens, luminous lighting, phenomenal lounge furniture rentals and more... 1 great event after another, Vini's has always been the go to vendor for Top Los Angeles & Orange County Event Planners!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Le Petit Cake Gourmet- I fell in love at first sight...bite! Fabulous Cakes, Tarts, Custom Cookie Favors & Cupcakes

So- I fell in love again today! This time with Maleah of Le Petit Cake Gourmet in Los Angeles who knocked my socks off and made me smile from ear to ear. As many of our readers know, if it's quirky, whimsical, different, retro, funky or fabulous- WE LOVE IT! I am always so in awe of how talented people are and gain so much inspiration by surrounding myself with individuals from various backgrounds with unique perspectives and points of view. Maleah's creations are fun, funky and insanely D-LICH! I'm so excited about having her create some custom cookie favors & yummy tarts for my up-coming baby shower! I know that many recent posts have made mention of this event but I have to be honest, for 7 1/2 months I have worked straight through my pregnancy without really enjoying this experience or slowing down for even a second to let it sink in that I AM ACTUALLY HAVING A BABY! No matter how much I work , how busy we are or how fast we grow- this is one thing that I can not control. So I have kind of surrendered myself to the fact that I better get excited, start planning and do something so over-the-top and amazing to welcome this little bambina into the world in true candy girl style! I mean Fuggggetaboutit- little baby Bella has no clue what she's in for! One thing's for sure- my kid will be very popular in pre-school when I send her off with pockets full of jelly beans and lollipops that will weigh down her little pink overalls! ( I'm obsessed with little kids in over-alls) So now that we are proceeding with the planning of this Extravaganza... I will continue to share with you all of our fun ideas and fabulously talented vendors who will be partnering with us to make this event a truly special day!

I leave you with some of my favorite creations from Le Petit Cake Gourmet- How Cute is this stuff!!!!!!! Hot Pink Black &White Zebra Cupcakes, Pizza Cakes, Suhi Cupcakes, Cookie Favors & Check out those too cute 4 words Popcorn Cupcake Creations!!!

For more info on how to order call :
Maleah- 310- 755-8726 or

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our clients LOVE sweets.. That's kind of obvio- Right? The other day someone asked me if I thought I was the next Willy Wonka and I replied " No- I am the Next Willamina Wonka" I'm a girl duhhhh.. How could I have a boy's name??? lol. Well, I have to admit I kind of live in a candy & sweets obsessed world but I am NEVER 100% satisfied with just about anything! I think pushing the envelope is always necessary both in life & in business. I think that quirky, whimsical & fun ideas are always well received and if people are smiling and enjoying what we do then we are doing something right! A friend of mine who I did this fabulous event with at the Petit Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood a few months ago is the genius behind Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows! He is the most Legit Marshmallow man I know! Justin's gourmet treats are carried in major stores and marshmallow lovers can't get enough of his product. We recently created a Smore's Buffet Bar in addition to our Candy Buffet at a fabulous corporate event and everyone went nuts! It was so fun & interactive and contrary to popular belief, it was not the gooey mess everyone expected. Plush Puffs have a nicer consistency that make them easier to eat-even when melted on a Smores treat. Don't even get me started on their flavors- chocolate chip, cinnamon, peppa-mint, vanilla bean, toasted coconut, caramel- YES- these are actual marshmallow flavors people! So enjoy the pics- check out their website and we look forward to creating another fabulous smore's buffet bar at your next event! I'm definitely going to have a fabulous Smore's Bar at my next event and can't wait to post the pics 4 everyone!

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